Why do we private bill for you consult?

I-Vision believe that every consultation is personal and individual. We value the time taken to analyse and diagnosed each patient efficiently. While we charge consultations for adults over 18 and non-senior card holder, 80% of the fees is rebated from Medicare. We’ve invested our time, technology and expertise for the benefits of each patients in their comfortable, trusted environment to discussed their eye health, vision needs and monitoring their ongoing vision problem.


How do I get my rebate from Medicare?

After the consultation payment is finalised, our billing system will confirm the consultation with Medicare and claim the item then and there, you don’t need to do a thing. If you have previously set up your bank account details with Medicare, they money will then be deposited into your nominated account. If not, you will receive a cheque in the mail.


Why do we offer Premium Lenses?

First of all, every prescription is different and very individual. The position of your eyes is different, how and where on your nose you wear your frame is different and of course its different purposes. We tailor and personalise each patient to their optimum benefits of the optical lenses according to each individual use, prescription and frame fitting.

Like everything else, there are hundreds of similar products out there. The reason we can’t compare all is the same and determined by price is because every lens have different grade of quality, material, innovation and design (generic vs exclusive). That is the reason why we are partnering with two of the biggest world known optical supplier in Australia. Hoya – A Japanese lens company and Rodenstock – Germany craftsmanship lens design. Premium lenses are what we excel our self on.


What sort of frames do you stock?

We partner with Australian distributor who carries international as well as Australian brands. Most of our frames have 2 years manufactures warranty which gives every patient’s piece of mind.

Each of frame that we stock are unique, great craftmanship and quality checked. We love colours, different shape and find those frames that are beautiful as well as practical. Pop in today and have a look. Our frame library has an access of over 20,000 frames! AMAZING…