The beauty of being Independent Practice!!


Our community have continuously entrusted us throughout the years to manage, diagnose, examine, educate and provide solution to their individual vision needs.   

We offer vision correction, dry eye management, prescribing eye drops, trauma or foreign body removal, myopia management and colour vision test.

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We continue to invest in the state-of-the-art equipment including Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), corneal topographer, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machine to help diagnose, monitor and treat certain diseases.  As well as modern dispensary equipment for fitting accuracy of your eyewear.     

We work alongside other allied health professionals with eye reporting, diabetic management and co management. This includes eye specialist and surrounding GP.


All of our eyewear is handpicked from Australian suppliers… what this means is that we are not being dictated by head office to only offer the best-selling eyewear!  Not only that, we have chosen quality frames that will often last for years.  We are able to pick the odd sizes, the unique designs, colours and frames that are as individual as your face shape with the WOW factor but still fits like a glove.  Our believe is the right frame selection is crucial for the prescribed lenses to work optimally. 

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Stockist of well known International and Australian Brands:

Silhouette Rimless





Calvin Klein

Kate Spade

Maui Jim




Ugly Fish


Rodenstock Optical and Sunglasses range



We believe every patient needs to be fitted properly when choosing their next pair of eyewear, with a great quality of handcrafted eyewear and premium lenses. Your vision will be optimised as well you will feel comfortable and GREAT in your new glasses!


The important part!

We work closely with two world known major optical lenses companies which has been in the business of helping patients with their vision needs. Hoya; a major player in Japan’s latest technology of lens innovation (http://www.hoyalens.com.au/) and Rodenstock, German technology engineered design and crafted straight from their Germany’s lab (https://www.rodenstock.com). Our lens design choices and options are huge to cater for every prescription needs.

Contact Lenses

Now we are talking!

Contact Lenses, this little piece of plastic that we fit to the eyes… is AMAZING!

We are stockist of all major brand of contact lenses in Australia! As we love our contact lenses, we are raving of how contact lenses update in their materials, comforts and HELLO… VISION CORRECTION! Contact Lenses now available for presbyopia (progressive lenses wearer), hyperopia, myopia as well as high cylinder prescription.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Contract Job and Private Orders

We are the agent for PSG Contract (Rio Tinto, Australian Red Cross, etc), All Australian Safety and Shamir Prescription Safety.  If you are an individual business contractor and need safety glasses for your work please pop in and see our wide range of safety glasses. (Available in clear, transitions and polaraised as well as progressive and bi-focal)

Myopia Management

Myopia, also known as “short-sightedness” or “near-sightedness” is a very common eye condition in both adults and children.  Myopia occurs when the eye ball grows longer and the light focuses in front of the light sensitive cells (retina) inside the eye.

Currently myopia is affecting younger children and at a high rate of progression due to modern lifestyles ie high screen/near work, low level of outdoor activities and poor lighting conditions.   

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Myopia cannot be reversed and may cause eye health problems later on in life.  A child is more at risk of myopia if they are of East Asian decent or if their parents are myopic

I-Vision Optometrists is fortunate to be working side by side with major lens company who are dedicated to help manage the progression of myopia.

We are an authorised practice of MIYOSMART eyewear lenses by HOYA (DIMS Technology) and MISIGHT Soft Lenses (contact lenses options). Both proven to help with slowing the progression by approximately 50%*.

Alternative way of managing the progression is by ORTHO-K lenses and Atropine eye drops. All of these treatments are available through I-Vision Optometrists and can be discussed with the Optometrists to see which suits best.

Don’t let myopia get away.

For any queries or assessment, please book online or call 08 61615496.

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eye disease is one of the most common problems for aging population in Australia. Affecting up to 57.5% of people over 50.

Studies also have shown an increased with younger people with dry eye diseases due to the surge of digital/screen time. We have seen an increased of this common problem with patients having lower quality of life such that it affects their focus at work (reading/computer), driving and low quality of sleep.

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In 2016 we invested in diagnostic and treating equipment for the management of dry eyes.  Our IPL E-EYE Machine has proven to help manage these diseases. This same machine has been used all over ophthalmology clinics. Alternative supplements as well individual treatment regimes targeted for dry eye sufferer are also available at I-Vision Optometrists.

Early sign to watch if you have dry eye are:

  • Watery eye
  • Gritty feeling
  • Unable to focus with your current specs
  • Red eyes

Dry eye disease and management is for ever changing and there are always new products/treatments available.  Don’t be discouraged if you have tried something in the past and failed. 

Make your appointment using our online booking for further assessment with Adrian.

Any queries do not hesitate to contact us via email or call 08 61615496.