We are one of the first DRY EYE CLINIC in Perth, Western Australia.

Our optometrists are passionate about helping patients manage their dry eye conditions in the best possible way. Significant advancements in dry eye treatment technology and protocols in recent years have vastly improve the success rates of dry eye treatment.

Dry eyes affect people in many ways. Some of the common symptoms are:

·         Sore eyes

·         Red eyes

·         Sensitive to bright lights

·         Burning sensation

·         Scratchy/ itchy eyes

Dry eye problems are often caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction. This results in the important oil layer of our tears becoming unstable and thinner than it would normally be. It then leads to dryness, irritation, redness and often blurred vision.

Lubricating eye drops provide temporary relief, but there is a need for a more effective and longer lasting solution. We now have the technology to offer just that.

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Another cause of dry eyes is blepharitis with the presence of Demodex. Demodex are tiny mites that live in hair follicles, such as the eye lash follicle.  Demodex mites are extremely common but often overlooked. They occur in pediatric, adult and in almost all  senior patients.


Our optometrists are very happy to discuss and work with you to find a treatment that will solve your dry eye problems.

For more information call us on 08 6161 5496 or contact us on email admin@i-visionoptom.com.au.